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Thoughts immediately after being cat-called


Content note: sexual harassment, reference to rape

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Things I learned putting together a writer’s CV

So I’ve recently been pitching articles to magazines and applying for journalism work experience, some of which required me to put together a ‘writer’s CV’ and an online portfolio of existing work. I’ve managed to publish a few creative and factual pieces, all on scattered websites and for free, but I’ve been pretty disorganised about keeping note of what was published where, so tracking them all down meant a lengthy and frequently revelatory odyssey through my preoccupations and writing styles of the past.

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Five high points of glorious stupidity in The Musketeers

The Musketeers

Some of the BBC’s most high profile dramas recently have consisted of taking a story with a well-known title, then ‘adapting’ it into a bunch of plots that have nothing to do with the original story and everything to do with a committee of scriptwriters meeting at 9 am on a Monday and struggling to reach any original ideas because the coffee machine they rely on to slice through the exhaustion and apathy clogging their brains is broken. That’s how we got High Camelot Musical and The Sheriff of Nottingham Is an Unsubtle Metaphor for the War on Terror.
I couldn’t even get through the Ladybird Classics edition of The Three Musketeers, so when I caught the last two episodes of The Musketeers on BBC 1 (which evidently likes to keep its exact number of musketeers ambiguous. Possibly they are legion. Possibly there are only two), I couldn’t possibly comment on how much and how badly they’ve changed the source material. I tried the Wikipedia plot summary and found ten paragraphs confusingly crammed with characters whose names have a ‘de’ in them, but  the BBC’s version seems pretty much made up from scratch, and unfortunately, from a hilariously terrible scratch, chiefly for these five reasons:

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