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Wrong again, WordPress


No, no WordPress. You are lying. That last post does not look good. It is full of horribly ugly typesetting errors that make it barely readable, and you know it.

I’m sorry. I tried WordPress’ ‘new’ blog writing template, and does anyone else find that every time they press a key, there’s an awkward pause before the letter appears? I know, I know, I live in a time of technology that allows me to access the any information¬† I need share my thoughts and ideas with anyone else in the world who’s interested in them instantly, but I’m complaining that it makes me pause slightly. But it really is frustrating to watch your words appear in slow motion. To make matters worse, when I pressed the backspace key, it deleted several words instead of a single letter, and I couldn’t stop it, so I had to watch some invisible backwards force slowly devour sentences I’d slaved over, like a Doctor Who monster.

In the end, I gave up and started writing the post in Word for the pleasure of being able to type freely, and then copy-and-pasting it – with the disadvantage that the copy-and-pasted bits are the ones in noticeable smaller font, so the whole page is really awkward to read.

Ironically, one of the many things that last post was about was how annoying it was when my ex-housemate claimed she was sorry for trying to make the other housemates and I pay her share of the rent, but didn’t do anything to face up to her responsibilities. So I will accompany this apology with an effort to make it better, and I’ve gone back to the old blogging template for this post. It works much better – I can type easily and you get consistent font size. I don’t know why WordPress introduced a new template that’s much more difficult to use than the old, though.

UPDATED: Apparently the new set-up doesn’t let you publish your post on Facebook, either.


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