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‘Get Her Back’, ‘Cutoff culture’ and men who won’t let go

Content note: abusive relationships, harassment, rape, stalking

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James Gilchrist talks about Schubert and giving up medicine for a musical career

This is an interview with the classical tenor James Gilchrist which I conducted before a concert he gave in March, since it was originally meant for my university newspaper. They didn’t publish it so I’m reproducing it here instead:

The cake slices sold in the café come in surprisingly tough plastic wrappers. When mine proves tough to open, James Gilchrist has a solution: “Fortunately, being a good Boy Scout, I have a penknife.” As he cuts off the wrapping, he adds “I was never a Boy Scout.”

James Gilchrist could not be more warm, charming and handy with a penknife as I interview him. One of Britain’s most acclaimed classical tenors, he has performed as a solo recitalist, in oratorios and in operas. But he followed an unexpected route to his present-day success. Although he sang in New College, Oxford choir as a child and King’s College, Cambridge choir as a student, he originally trained as a doctor in Whitechapel’s London Hospital. I’m fascinated to hear how and why he switched from a scientific to a creative profession.

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